Profound Darkness;
Anonymous whispered:
PSO robot with 24.


This is the first robot that came up when I google image searched PSO robot so I hope she is acceptable!


My PSO character Ara, if you look closely you can see her tiny section ID is Whitill :’) Now equipped with her last survivor (I found like 5 of those dang things) 

Sooo I got a new tablet yesterday. Also I hit 300 followers a week or two ago and I wanted to do a fun thank you like everyone else does you know so I decided to do that through my first time re-using the tablet. My PSO, PSP2I, and PSO2 characters!

ITS BEEN 2 YEARS SINCE I’VE USED ONE BUT I’M PROUD OF THIS SO PLEASE DON’T BE MEAN AND THANK YOU and as soon as I upload this I’m going to see every mistake I didn’t see before I saved it but I’m going to just leave it alone

I say this all the time but, I’m still surprised I got more than 10 followers. OKAY BYE THANK YOU.